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Gentle FellaIn July 2005, when I had an old horse at home who had been in retirement for many years, I bought a green-broke 3-year old quarter horse named Fella.  He needed training and I was rusty, so I took him to Pine River Ranch and Stable, for 60 days of work, intending to bring him home after that.  Those 60 days have currently turned into 6+ years!   I've told Jill and Wendy they have to stay in the boarding business until he goes on to the Big Pasture, hopefully many years from now.  They treat Fella like one of their own horses, and me like family.  The facility is great, allowing me to enjoy Fella year round.  It's wonderful to take lessons on my own horse, or one of the ranch horses who is gentler if I want.  I continue to learn something from these wonderful women every week and feel very blessed to have Fella in their care. 
Jeanene Peterson                 
Waupaca WI  
A day at High Cliff with friends.  Great day to ride!Considering Pine River Ranch and Stable for training, taking lessons, or boarding?  Pine River Ranch and Stable is owned and operated by professional, caring, knowledgeable individuals. I have known Jill Niederberger and Wendy Mevis since 2006. I personally know they have a true love of horses, they are caring, loving and nurturing. I also know they are honest individuals. You do not have to worry about being taken advantage of or lied to. Both you and your horse will be in GREAT hands. I have ridden with Wendy on MANY occasions and know her skill and compassion will get your horse started correctly.  And, if your horse needs a refresher or a problem fixed, they will do their best to get your horse were it needs to be. I highly recommend Pine River Ranch and Stable for all your horse needs. Like I said YOU WILL BE IN GOOD HANDS! 

Patti Jo Walter
Two Rivers WI 
Allison Austin with her horse Arne.  Schooled at Pine River RanchII would highly recommend Jill Niederberger and Wendy Mevis of Pine River Ranch and Stable for horseback riding lessons, training and boarding of horses. I have worked with Jill and Wendy since 2000. My daughter has taken lessons from Jill for the last 10+ years. Jill works well with youth and is very thorough in laying a strong foundation in horsemanship skills that can be used in many different disciplines. Jill and Wendy have trained the horses raised on our farm. These horses have gone on to compete is several different disciplines and have won multiple awards. The horses are also well prepared for trail riding, parades, etc. I know when my horses are boarded at Pine River Ranch and Stable they are getting the best care possible. Jill and Wendy keep a close eye on my horses and if anything seems out of the ordinary, they immediately contact me so we can jointly figure out the best plan for the animals health. I never worry about my horses when they are at Pine River Ranch and Stable. 
Karin Peterson
Fremont WI   
I have had numerous horses at Pine River Ranch and Stable for training. This facility, owned by trainer Jill Niederberger, has given me the desire and knowledge to appreciate the importance of ground work and improve riding skills.  Taking lessons and participating in clinics has contributed to my satisfaction as a horse lover.  Jill is a patient, compassionate trainer with safety a top priority. Her keen eye of the horses well-being and health is impressive.  I will continue to trailer my horses to Pine River Ranch and stable. Training and improving riding skills are necessary for a safe and enjoyable ride, whether it be in a show or on the trail. 
Lela Pampuch
Saxeville WI   
Dressage instructor for Wendy Mother and daughter team Jill Niederberger and Wendy Mevis have been such a pleasure and learning experience for me to work with. Their Pine River Ranch and Stable is located just west of the greater Appleton metropolitan area, in beautiful Waushara county. The pair work in a harmonious way to bring out the talents and potential in a variety of breeds from thoroughbreds, quarter horses, Fjords and everything in between!  Under the watchful eye of her mom, Wendy develops their school horses as well as student’s horses to accomplish success in a variety of disciplines.  They have an extensive training program which combines sensitivity and kindness toward the horse with knowledge of dressage, natural horsemanship, and western riding.  With a strong background in centered riding and balanced seat principles they are skillful in developing a student’s seat and feel for the horse- be it his or her own horse, or on one of the farms trained school horses.  Wendy and Jill continue to develop and seek out qualified instruction to pass on to their clients, as well as compete in many disciplines and perform in large exhibitions throughout the Midwest.  Both have a keen eye toward the improvement of the rider and the horse as a partnership and do not compromise the horse’s dignity in getting these results. They encourage their students to go out and compete but do not make it a requirement to do so and understand the pleasure that comes from student and rider building a friendship and bond. Jill and Wendy are honest, ethical and results oriented equestrian trainers who put the horses and people first at their farm.  They and their borders are always welcoming and helpful.  l would encourage anyone interested in furthering their horse goals to take advantage of this wonderful mother and daughter team. 
Joan Waak
Manitowic WI
Erica Carlson at the Foundation Show in Black River FallsI had been driving our daughter Erica to horse lessons at a stable south of Princeton, when a friend told me about an excellent trainer/instructor in our own backyard.  My friend had taken her daughter there and after their first lesson said, "You gotta meet Jill!"  I made an appointment and was immediately thrilled at the safety and basics of balance Jill began to build into Erica.  Jill has a knack for knowing what the horse and rider need and is an exacting trainer, bringing out the best in her two and four-legged students.  She takes the time to do things right, just wait until you have a saddle-fitting lesson with her!  She also helped us find Erica's soul-mate, Dallas.  They have a established a wonderful trusting relationship through use of the Parelli games to riding and fine tuning their skills together.  They have both come a long way and are now working on canter departs and collection.  There is also a lot of camaraderie between the girls in the barn.  They have summer clinics, show practices, and a fun game of 'My horse can do more than your horse'.  An occasional fall trail ride is the frosting on the cake to a very good riding season.   
Jill has been helpful in investing her time with the 4-H groups of Waupaca and Waushara County.  When we asked her what she thought was the most important thing to know about riding, she told  Erica, "A good set of quiet hands are your most valuable piece of equipment."  Erica translated those words into a poster and won Reserve Grand Champion at State Expo for 4-H.  Jill also gets glowing reviews from other trainers, her horses and riders respect her goals of soft and supple riding techniques.
I have come to appreciate Jill and her daughter Wendy as a great team.  They are observant, intuitive and apply their knowledge to making both horse and rider as comfortable and confident as they can before they graduate to the next level of skills.
I have been extremely happy with Pine River Ranch and Stable and recommend it highly to anyone looking to build a better relationship with their horse.  I look forward to continuing these relationships as we navigate our daughter's teen years in the 4-H program.  Coming here was one of the best decisions we have ever made.
Bruce and Marcia Riendeau
Waupaca WI
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